Craft Shows are more than a way to make money.

A craft show is not just an opportunity for us to make money, it’s a lot of fun.¬†We miss the excitement and the buzz of a good show. And we really miss you. We miss telling you stories and hearing yours, but we have some answers.

Virtual Appointments 

Yes, like you we’ve learned to adapt. This awful pandemic has sharpened our tech skills and given us an answer to the problem of missing you at trade shows. We can do a virtual visit using Zoom, Facebook Live, WhatsApp, etc. You name it, we’ll do it! We can have a face-to-face chat and catch up. You can look at our jewelry and kaleidoscopes, and even see through them! It’s almost like being at a show! And sure we still do good old fashioned phone calls too.

Personal Shopping in our Garden   

Yes, you are welcome to make an appointment and shop till you drop on our garden deck. Enjoy all our creations and smell the flowers in our enchanted garden while you sip some homemade lemonade. We’ll have plenty of time to chat. We’re also planning an event! Our own personal craft show here. Yes, we’ll have proper social distance and protection.   

How does this work?

Just give us a call at 516-486-6148. Or if email is your thing, you can do that too, We’ll setup an online appointment over your platform of choice or get set for you in person appointment. Of course our website is open for business 24×7,

Stay safe and healthy. We hope to be hearing from you soon.