We’ll get through this together.

Hi. Yes, we’re all in a tight spot right now, but know that we are all this together. If we’re all responsible and help where we can, we’ll get through it. A big shout out to our health care workers and first responders, to our grocery clerks, truckers, janitors, delivery people, restaurant staff, mass transit workers, and all other essential staff. You are all heroes and we can’t thank you enough nor do we take your sacrifices for granted.

Please take out those wonderful kaleidoscopes you have kindly bought from us. Now more than ever is the time to enjoy them. Don’t put them on your eye, but do enjoy them. Bring some joy and beauty into your lives.

As you can imagine all of our shows are cancelled or postponed. We’ll see you as soon as we can. Till then, be safe, observe all those social distancing regulations, and stay well.

We love you,

Joanne and Mike